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How we got started…

During the summer of 1997 there was a murder case in Nevada County that sparked a conflict between the supporters of the accused murderer and the Nevada County Sheriff office, the district attorney and judges. This resulted in a proposed recall of these public officials. At that time Willard N. Drown, III was asked to bring together a group of community leaders to support the sheriff, district attorney and the various judges involved and the facts of the case. Ultimately, the proposed recall failed due in large part to the efforts of this group.

In the aftermath, it became clear to Bill Drown that the various public safety departments within the County of Nevada could benefit from the ongoing support of this group of community leaders. It was decided by the core group of supporters that the group should look into becoming a not for profit association and they adopted the following mission statement:

“It is the mission of this corporation to provide support and assistance to public law enforcement and fire protection agencies located in Nevada County by making a meaningful contribution to such agencies both in the form of better equipment and in support and furtherance of their programs and policies.”

In 1999 the “Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council” was approved as a 501c3 non-profit corporation and continues to this day to provide support through their fundraising efforts.